Kit G3 Rock

The G3 Rock is a single channel 3W all-tube guitar amplifier with the following features:

* Single channel with gain, three-band tone control and master volume for clean, crunch and more
* Push-Pull power stage with a dual-triode (3W at 8/16 ohms)
* True bedroom amp
* Kit includes chassis, tubes, and all electronical and mechanical parts in decent quality
* Designed for hanging assembly in a headshell or combo cabinet

Please find here some impressions of the interior of the amplifier:

G3 Rock Details

All parts of the G3 Rock are of standard industry quality.

Scope of Supply
The G3 Rock kit includes all neccessary parts to build a working tube amplifier as there are:
* tubes, sockets, power and output transformers
* resistors, capacitors, variable resistors, knobs
* switches, plug sockets, cable, fuse
* wire, screws, boards etc.
* ready to use black steel chassis (WxDxH 254 x 152 x 51 mm)

The G3 Rock is equipped with Russian tubes (6N2P and 6N6P), these are in stock and available through MUSIKDING.

Complete documentation in elektronic form:
* comprehensive manual (23 pages) with illustrations and photos
* schematic of the amplifier
* layout plan of the amplifier

G3 Rock Dokumentation

Additionally needed:
* cabinet (headshell or combo)
* speaker (8 or 16 Ohms)

Various sound presentations (video):


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All kits, add-ons and parts are available at MUSIKDING.

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G3 Rock soundsamples

Strat and Tele(P90) w/o and with Tubescreamer (Speaker: V30)

Les Paul (Bridge PU) w/o and with Tubescreamer (Speaker: V30)

7string (Bridge PU) with Tubescreamer (Speaker: V30)