Kit FS1Mk1

The FS1Mk1 is an additional circuit with the following features:
* replaces 2x SPDT or DPDT switches in your amplifier
* provides 1x DPDT relais on each of the two switch boards
* switches at front plate still working (when foot switch is not plugged in)
* switch mode will always be shown with a LED at the front plate
* 12V DC power supply with dedicated power supply board, input voltage 12-21V AC
* power supply board fits on power transformer assembly screws in MADAMP J5, M15, A15
* works with all double standard footswitches (switch and LED in series)

Scope of Supply:
The FS1Mk1 kit includes the power supply board, one plug socket board and two switch boards. It also includes all electronic and mechanical parts including wire to assemble the boards and add it to a MADAMP J5, M15 oder A15.

The FS1Mk1 includes a comprehensive documentation (23 pages) describing the assembly of the FS1Mk1 including a schematic of the needed foot switch and how to add the circuits to a MADAMP J5, M15 und A15.

Additionally needed:
* a double footswitch (available at MUSIKDING)

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