Kit G3 Blues

The G3 Blues is a single channel 3W all-tube guitar amplifier with the following features:

* Single channel with gain, three-band tone control and master volume
* Push-Pull power stage with a dual-triode (3W at 8/16 ohms)
* Flexible sound control with pentode as first amplifier stage, gain knob controls gain and compression
* True bedroom amp, cranked power stage sound at low volume
* Kit includes chassis, tubes, and all electronical and mechanical parts in decent quality
* Designed for hanging assembly in a headshell or combo cabinet

The G3 Blues has been designed with the help of various members of the MUSIKDING-board, you will find schematics etc. of the various versions throughout the design process there.

Please find here some impressions of the interior of the amplifier:

G3 Blues Details

All parts of the G3 Blues are of standard industry quality.

Scope of Supply
The G3 Blues kit includes all neccessary parts to build a working tube amplifier as there are:
* tubes, sockets, power and output transformers
* resistors, capacitors, variable resistors, knobs
* switches, plug sockets, cable, fuse
* wire, screws, boards etc.
* ready to use black steel chassis (WxDxH 254 x 152 x 51 mm)

The G3 Blues is equipped with Russian tubes (6F1P, 6N1P and 6N6P), these are in stock and available through MUSIKDING.

Complete documentation in elektronic form:
* comprehensive manual (23 pages) with illustrations and photos
* schematic of the amplifier
* layout plan of the amplifier

G3 Blues Documentation

Additionally needed:
* cabinet (headshell or combo)
* speaker (8 or 16 Ohms)

Assembly report (video):

Various sound presentations (video):


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All kits, add-ons and parts are available at MUSIKDING.

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G3 Blues soundsamples

Strat sounds clean to crunch

Clean rythm and lead

Crunch rythm and lead

Rythm clean and crunch

Clean to crunch

Crunch to the max (all controls to 10)

Overdrive pedal and all to the max

Effects (Compressor/Chorus/Delay)

G3 builder's reports